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Enterprise services

Payment Solution

Payment is an integral part of any organization and economy at large as it is a system used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value. Since the aim of most organizations is making and maximizing profit, therefore the need for a safe, fast and secure system for making payment is required.

Oatek Concepts and Technologies Limited is a licensed business that provides hosted online payment solutions exclusively to enable transactions between businesses and consumers, employing CardVoii Solution(s) using any of the Licensee's backend platform. Broaden the scope of your business, take it above and beyond borders with simple and reliable payment solutions guaranteed to develop your business.

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App development (Mobile, Web & Desktop)

The world is becoming more and more technocentric with each generation and interconnected towards globalization, basically driven by an idea brought to life through technological processes.

We watch your vision become reality with the help of our creative technical team who stay up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. Oatek Concepts and Technologies Limited has a vast level of experience in mobile and web app development and would help you take digital transformation to the next level. We develop platforms to suit your personal and company requirements whether large or small scale.

Airtime Solution

Airtime allows you to connect your family and friends with audio, video, and text. whenever, and wherever. we have several trusted partners across the telco industry who work with us to achieve this from recharge pin generation to virtual top ups.

In a world where information is key and communication is how information is being driven from place to place, person to person and institution to institution. We can provide you with airtime solutions to keep the conversation going for as long as you want.

Telecomm based Services V.A.S (value added services)

Short message service(sms)

SMS is a simple technique initially used to ease person-to-person communication. But this old system has stood the test of time and has become a trusted, effective and efficient communications channel for businesses worldwide. SMS can be integrated into any other application and permit more complex processes like application to person communication, or even application to application communication.

Person to Person SMS

Person to Person SMS is text messaging typically of human to human communications. Person to person should not exceed one one message per second and the balance of messages sent versus received should be approximately one-to-one.

Bulk SMS

This refers to Application to Person SMS ,is text messaging that is sent from an application to several persons, and is generally classified as business messaging. Unlike person to person messaging, bulk SMS allows automated texts to be sent, which can exceed the one message per second rates that person to person SMS adheres to. Bulk SMS requires special numbers, including toll-free, short codes, and local numbers known as 10 digit long code.

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Benefits of sms to you and your business
  • Worldwide:
    Unlike most other instant messaging apps and chat platforms, SMS does not need to be downloaded or updated. It Is available to everyone with a mobile Device and the know-how to use it.
  • Easy integration:
    With the use of an API, you can easily SMS-enable your website, application or your customer relationship management platform(s).
  • Reliablility:
    SMS is a very dependable platform to use when sending important information, making it the best tool for businesses to communicate critical and time-sensitive information.
  • Pay per message:
    It is paid for in the sense that once a message goes out, the sender is debited. This is why it tends to provide valuable content which is relevant to the recipient.
  • Versatility:
    It can be used in different ways and sent in so many ways. Look at how our clients are using it.
  • Privacy:
    SMS doesn’t give the sender the permission to see your profile or if you have, in fact, read the message. SMS respects client’s privacy, while still sending them the important information they need.

    SMS has evolved beyond the purpose it was originally intended for and remains as effective and practical as it has always been. If you would like to find out more about our services and how to get started using our SMS platform today, contact us

Unstructured Supplementary Service data (USSD)


This is a protocol used by mobile phone networks in sending short text messages. It uses a similar format to SMS. However, it is an instant messaging service, which means that messages are not stored either on the operator end or on the subscriber's device. USSD is easy to use, does not require a sophisticated technology and is cheaper than most communication platforms. But there are even more benefits to it, these include:

Benefits of USSD to you and your business
  • Internet connection or data is not required for it to work.
  • Reduction in operating costs as it works as a self-service application for customers
  • It Enhances customer satisfaction as they get to serve themselves.
  • It works with any and every mobile phone.
  • It works globally.
  • It is very economical.
  • It is up faster than regular SMS.
  • it allows for two-way communication of information in finding out information without needing an internet connection.
  • It gives customer feedback on queries.
Benefits of USSD for Telcos
  • USSD applications are highly economical to run and it is a free service which subscribers use in enhancing their customer's experience.
  • USSD works with any standard mobile phones, as no smartphone is required, you can reach a larger audience as not everyone uses a smartphone, especially those in rural communities.
  • USSD is interactive, and fast allowing subscribers to get the information they need efficiently, anytime and anywhere.
  • USSD functions with all mobile networks as the application only requires connection to the GSM network to work for mobile communications since it is not mobile or SIM card based.
  • USSD content can be customized depending on the information the user provides.
  • USSD applications can be designed to target specific customer needs and requirements.
  • The process can be continued if interrupted, hence user does not need to start over. It also provides ease of use.

Voice Messaging/outbound dailer (OBD)

The Outbound Dialler (OBD) is an automated call that relays pre-recorded voice messages to from subscribers to customer. It can be sent to multiple end points at any given time in any language of choice.

How OBD is used
  • Voice messaging or OBD is a system that would typically allow you record a message and send to a specified receiver(s). it works just like mainstream text messaging, rather than text it carries a recording by the sender to the receiver at specified costs.
  • Businesses can also add Interactive Voice Response to their phone service. It is a feature that includes an automated voice guiding callers to a specified parts of the business by asking them some questions.
Benefits of ringback tones.
  • Accessibility : It ensures that your family, friends, business and employees are always reachable. it's a better experience than not being able to reach a person at all. it is especially useful for people who are usually away from their phones or are in meetings,
  • Efficiency : With OBD, clients get to communicate their concerns efficiently without feeling that their time has been wasted by being put on hold or being interrupted, the recipient can then return their call as soon as they're available, which removes on-hold wait time for caller without diverging into irrelevant information.
  • Commercial : it reduces expenses while still maintaining certain levels of customer satisfaction with voice interaction because businesses would not need much customer service staff, also businesses can cut down on things like overtime pay in customer service staff by allowing voice prompts attend to clients during certain times of day.
  • No Miscommunication : messages can’t be lost or distorted. Written messages can be easily lost or deleted. Verbal messages can also be forgotten or distorted leading to miscommunication since they rely on the memory of the 1st recipient. With voice messaging, you are sure to receive a message in its original form which allows for a better response.
  • Convenient : Voice messaging is very convenient. Unlike verbal or written messages that have to be retrieved from the source i.e going to your desk, voice messages can be easily retrieved from anywhere, in or out of the office provided you have access to a computer/smartphone and internet.
  • No Language Barrier : On most voice messaging platforms, the issue of language barrier has been one disadvantage businesses and individuals face. Voice messaging enables you to record your messages in your target or choice language thereby addressing potential customers who do not speak the same language. If your business is targeting an overseas market(s) this would be an asset. 

Caller ring back tune(CRBT)

This is a personalized ring service enabling you change the usual “ring” sound heard when you are called (when your number is dialed) with a tune of your choice. Caller Tunes service entertains callers with select music each time your phone rings, while creating a unique identity for yourself. With a vast range of high quality tunes to choose from, your style can truly be expressed.

How CRBT Service Works?

Customers just need to subscribe to the service using an Interactive Voice Response. They then select their choice of audio from several available audio contents and after the selection is done, anyone who will call the subscriber will get to listen to the selected audio.

Benefits of ringback tones.
  • Entertainment : It entertains callers when they can relate to the content used especially if they like it.
  • Content promotion : It can be used as a means to promote the content when different callers listen to it.
  • Revenue-Generating : CRBT is a market proven profit generator for both content providers and operators.
  • Over any network : All mobile networks operate CRBT as they are an integral aspect of the whole process because they make the phone calls possible.
  • Connects to any handset : Any handset GSM, mobile phone or smartphone can connect and function with RBTs, it is not specific to a particular kind of phone.

Caller Feels

CallerFeel is a pop up service that allows you to express yourself through short text content that appear on your callers’ mobile device when they call your line. The message appears as a notification. It can also be personalized with the use of emojis, smileys and emoticons to make your message more sensational.

Benefit of Caller Feel
  • Short advertisement of your business, sales, promos and lots more are shown to anyone who calls your line.
  • Lets your callers know your current status i.e where you are and also updates callers on what special moment(s) you are currently having
  • It expresses how you feel with your callers.
  • Informing your callers about upcoming event(s) you have either personally or professionally.